Gandalf Lechner
School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
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My research focuses on applications of operator algebras to mathematical problems arising in quantum field theory. I am particularly interested in new approaches to the problem of rigorously constructing quantum field theory models. A novel line of research addresses this question via operator-algebraic deformations of quantum field theories, a topic also connected to non-commutative geometry and quantum field theory on non-commutative spaces.

A further research field of mine are unitary solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation, in particular their classification by subfactor methods and braid group characters and their application to integrable quantum field theories.

For more details about my research, you can have a look at my publications and talks.

TEACHING: In autumn 2020/21 I am teaching Linear Algebra II and Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Physics. Details can be found on Learning Central. Previous teaching can be found here.

» GAPT (Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Topology) research group: » Group Website » GAPT Seminar

» AQFTUK – LMS-funded network for algebraic quantum field theory in the UK.

» IoP Mathematical and Theoretical Physics group: » Group Website 

Recent and upcoming events

» 16. Sept. 2020: LQP Colloquium First talk by Klaus Fredenhagen (Hamburg): “Local covariance and dynamics in algebraic quantum field theory”. A recording of this talk can be found here.
» 12.-16. Oct. 2020: Online Lecture Series “An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime” by Daniel Siemssen and Matteo Capoferri (an event of our AQFTUK network) Recordings of these lectures can be found here.
» 27 Jun.-3 Jul. 2021: Operator Algebras: Subfactors, K-theory, Conformal Field Theory (subject to funding approval)

Past events can be found here.