Gandalf Lechner
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
School of Mathematics, Cardiff University
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RESEARCH: As a mathematical physicist, I work on conceptual and mathematical problems arising in quantum field theory. I am particularly interested in new approaches to the problem of rigorously constructing quantum field theory models. A novel line of research addresses this question via operator-algebraic deformations of quantum field theories, a topic also connected to non-commutative geometry and quantum field theory on non-commutative spaces.

A further interest are integrable models in quantum field theory and related structures, such as the Yang-Baxter equation, braid group representations and link invariants.

For more details about my research, you can have a look at my publications and talks.

TEACHING: I am not teaching in the spring term 2019. In autumn 2019/20, I will be teaching “Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Physics” (MA4014) and “Foundations I” (MA1005). Previous teaching can be found here.

GAPT (Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Topology) research group: » Group Website » GAPT Seminar

NEWS: In June 2019, I am organising the program/workshop Operator Algebras and Quantum Physics at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics together with S. Hollands, V. Jones, R. Longo. Contact me if you are interested to participate.